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Sport the Ring and Ping!

You are possibly reading this article before a digital screen. Whether or not it is a portable computer such as a laptop, it is not invariably easy to regulate the machines that you use and tend to take along – particularly while you are on the move.

With its ergonomic touch ring, this machine control is made achievable by ThumbTrack™. It lets you perform all mouse functions comfortably, and negates the risk of injury or pain to your wrist and hand. ThumbTrack™ allows you to position your body more comfortably as you work on your computer and reduces the strain from your shoulder, arm and hand muscles. The ring works like your mouse but you have to wear it to be able to perform the following functions:

  • Switch on/off
  • Scroll
  • Choose
  • Navigate
Use the Sesame Ring from the company “Ring Theory” and you would be able to open doors as easily as Ali Baba. The 3D printed ring cannot be damaged by water and sports the RFID technology. It functions like the transit card in Boston, (Charlie Card). You can simply load it with some money and position it against the scanner on the gate to pass through. The students at MIT have developed this ring concept and it works only for the doors of public transports systems in Boston, not all kinds of doors as yet.

If you are looking for a ring to open the door of your home, try the NFC Ring. You need the ring as well as a door lock enabled with NFC. If your tablet or smartphone is enabled with NFC, your ring can also unlock them. Simply slide your hand on the rear and trust NFC to perform the rest. The ring can also help you manage applications. The best part of this ring is that it never needs to be charged.

Sport the Smarty Ring and you can secretly check your incoming messages and calls without even taking your phone out and interfering your daily activities. The ring works as a style statement and allows you to manage your phone without touching it. You can get real time updates from Skype and your social networking accounts from Twitter, Facebook and Google Hangout. It can also help you:

  • Check the time
  • Manage your playlist
  • Activate your camera
  • Track your phone
You can also try a ring by Ringly which sends you notifications once you set in the app of the ring. Ringly is a company which manufactures and styles jewelry and accessories that link to your phone.

An average teen in America spends 7.5 hours gorging on media and 70% of 13-17 year olds have a smartphone. Ringbligz, a startup company, wishes to enter this potentially profitable market by bringing out a smart ring which concentrates on the social lives of teens. The ring sends alerts to teen users from their favorite contacts from various social media channels and eliminates their need to check their phones continuously. The ring is also advantageous to parents in the sense that it allows them to check the location of their children.

Fin is a smart ring that is wearable and can allow your palm to manage more than one device with simple gestures. The ring is integrated with multiple sensors which can detect swipes and finger taps and spot different parts of the palm by measuring how far away they are from the thumb. The ring can send these gestures in the form of commands to any Bluetooth device that is linked, such as:

  • Smartphone
  • Music player
  • Gaming console
  • Digital interface within car
  • TV set/home automation device
Anyone who is driving a car can use the ring as a car key and simultaneously manage his playlist and also receive phone calls without taking hands off a steering wheel. A smartphone user can zoom in and out of their screens by rubbing his finger against the thumb. He can also perform the following operations:

  • Assign numbers to completely varying areas of fingers
  • Flip the hand into a numeric keyboard
  • Tap in a contact number while not even touching the phone
The “Ring” is one smarter ring device that was funded on Kickstarter in recent days. This input device can be sported on the finger and used to perform various activities within a few seconds, which include:

  • Typing text
  • Managing home appliances
  • Carrying out payment transactions
As per its makers, the Ring is the “shortcut everything” gadget. You can use it to carry out many activities with a single gesture.

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