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What is Adobe Connect?

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe® Connect™ is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, and enables organizations from leading corporations to the U.S. Department of Defense to fundamentally improve productivity.
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Snapchat Adds Ephemeral Text Chat And Video Calls

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Snapchat is slowly adding features on top of its highly successful ephemeral messaging platform. Today’s two new features are a good old chat interface and a new FaceTime-like video calling feature. Text messages could greatly change the nature of the app.
While ephemeral photos are a great way to send something funny and start a conversation with your friends, many users sent multiple snaps back and forth just to chat. You ended up taking a crappy photo and adding a caption. The fact that it was ephemeral and limited when it comes to the number of characters were quite charming, but sometimes infuriating.
But all of this is past now. You can swipe right on a friend’s name in your Snapchat inbox to enter a new chat screen. It’s a regular chatting interface. You can write and send text messages, send snaps, and send photos or videos from your camera roll. Alas, you won’t find any sticker.
But there is a new button as well at the bottom of the screen. Whenever it turns blue, it means that he or she is currently in the chat screen, reading your messages. If you hit the button, you will start a call. If the other person hits the button too, you will see both ends of the calls at the same time.
Just like when you see a snap, you need to maintain your finger on the screen to keep the video call active on your end. Below your finger, you will see a thumbnail of your camera. The rest of the screen is filled with your friend’s face. You can remove your thumb, and you will only see your friend without sharing your camera.
If you want to switch from your front-facing camera to the back camera, all you need to do is drag your thumb to the upper half of the screen. The camera will automatically switch. These interface refinements are why Snapchat has been a very effective messaging app.
When you are done with your call and chat, you can go back to your inbox. Whenever you do this, your chat history will be erased, staying true to the ephemeral nature of Snapchat. You can however tap on individual messages to save them for later.
Getting into text chat is a major move for Snapchat. Many competitors, such as Ansa, tried to make Snapchat for text messages happen with various levels of success. It remains to be confirmed whether Snapchat’s user base will appreciate these new features. Snapchat is no longer just a service to send quirky selfies.
The update hasn’t hit the Play Store or the App Store yet — it should be available later today. To start chatting, you will probably need to communicate with someone who updated the app already, so it can take a few weeks before you can use the new features with your favorite contacts.

Time to tidy up your tech with The Fix

The Fix cleans house and shows you the best ways to keep your smartphone and email organized, and how to back up an old computer.

This week on The Fix, we get out our feather dusters and disinfectants, and invest in a few items from the container store, 'cause it's time to go spring cleaning.
First, I'll show you the best ways to free up space on your smartphone. Most of which don't include getting rid of your favorite apps. Well, maybe one does.
Then, watch as Sharon doles out some great tips on keeping your email organized and -- maybe more importantly -- spam-free.
Finally, before you get rid of your old computer, Donald has some tips on archiving important data so that it's always just a few clicks away.
For many more spring-cleaning tips and tricks for your tech, check out our April spring-cleaning special

Darius Allen Guest Appearance on the Kim Power Stilson Show

Darius Allen guest appearance on the second half of the Kim Power Stilson Show,  Talks his meeting with Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.,  His involvement in the minority incubator/ accelerator, and More......

Dual Screen Siam Partners with Descartes Biometrics

Called ERGO, the ear biometric authentication technology that serves the usual post-password demands that are finding traction in the world of consumer mobile devices. The novel biometric technology guards the lock screen of Android smartphones and is available as a software development kit (SDK).
ERGO is a software solution that leverages a smartphone’s touchscreen as a biometric sensor. A user presses her ear to the screen in order to authenticate. It’s a simple and familiar motion that – if coupled with a virtual assistant – has potential appeal for people who primarily use their phones in a traditional “phone call” context.
Though the new biometric mode may seem gimmicky to some, ERGO is indicative of the relationship the partners wish to pursue: one that encourages open-mindedness and experimentation for the purposes of innovation.
“Descartes is continually exploring the limits of mobile applications,” explains Siam Smartphone CEO Darius Allen. “That kind of innovation is the exact kind of ‘thinking’ that needs to start leading in this space. We expect most Siam Users to be able to use ERGO to setup their biometric security within a few moments.”
“We are excited to work with Siam, especially as they launch a new and incredibly innovative product,” adds Miceahel Boczek, CEO of Descartes. “Biometric lock-screen applications offer unparalleled levels of device security without compromising convenience – it’s really at the forefront of mobile device security. Descartes Biometrics sees a world free of PINs and Passwords and a world where your identity is your key.”
Trying this in to Biometric Software Month, ERGO is an excellent example of the mutability that software solutions can boast. Despite the uniqueness of the feature being measured for authentication, a smartphone simply needs to have the right software, not some new-fangled ear scanner. The application is available for download on Google Play and Amazon, and it will be a key feature on the Siam Smartphone, a dual screen mobile which is scheduled to launch in the US this summer.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Apple set to get Beats in $3.2B deal

Apple is set to acquire headphone maker and music company Beats Electronics for a reported $3.2 billion.
The acquisition could be announced as early as next week, the Financial Times reported, based on people familiar with the negotiations. USA TODAY independently confirmed the deal through a source who is not authorized to speak publicly about it.
If consummated, Apple's purchase of Beats could represent the company's largest acquisition ever. Apple and Beats declined to comment on the report.
Music mogul Jimmy Iovine and producer-rapper Dr. Dre co-founded Beats Electronics seven years ago and launched the high-end headphones craze. Earlier this year, they launched Beats Music, a premium music-streaming service.
Should the acquisition go through, it would be ironic in a way. Dre and Iovine came up with the idea for Beats by lamenting the decline in sound quality ushered in by Apple's own iPod and the MP3 era.
"For convenience and speed, everyone sacrificed sound," Iovine told USA TODAY three years ago. "The emotion of the music is almost unrecognizable to what is recorded in the studio," said Iovine, who is the chairman of Interscope/Geffen/A&M records.
The two set out to market headphones that reproduce, Iovine said, "as close to the sound I hear in the studio as possible."
They introduced the original $300 Beats Studio model in 2008 and since then, Beats has expanded its lineup to include other headphones with the help of Lady Gaga, LeBron James and Justin Bieber, as well as portable speakers and even music-processing technology for cars, computers and smartphones.
In launching Beats Music in January, Iovine told USA TODAY that "with the headphones, we hit an emotional chord with hardware. Now, it's all about completing a circle and giving people the full experience of music."
This would be Beats second go-round with a phone maker. Electronics maker HTC bought half the company in 2011 for $300 million, and Beats Audio was introduced to cellphones. Last year, Beats bought back all of HTC's share of the company and got a reported $500 million investment from The Carlyle Group.
The report was met with mixed responses on Twitter Thursday night. Buzzfeed business editor Peter Lauria tweeted, "Ouch..9 months ago, HTC sold its stake in Beats for $265 Apple is going to buy Beats for $3.2 billion."
GigaOm founder and True Ventures partner Om Malik tweeted: "Google spends $3.2 billion to buy the future & data. Apple buys bad headphones & a junk-service from music promoters. Worse use of corp $$$s."

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